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About the Valhoun

Post by Kaiser on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:12 pm

The elder pack and remnants of the original pack that wandered into the Valley. Conservative and reluctant to accept or consider any change to the structure of their clan and hierarchy. Strict and powerful and unyielding when provoked. Though they like to parade as peaceful and peace-keeping, the Valhoun are quick to vanquish threats against their ways of life, or at least attempt to. Rumored to deal with the Caligo with promises of resources in return for assassinations and information on the Vastus (and Ghyra). They are the first of the Daenid type packs and are overall benevolent in their appearance. They are officially allied with the Ghyra.

Valhoun paints are either white or silver and are smooth and compliment the wearer. Often swirls, crown-like markings, or wings, the Valhoun dogs see themselves as “chosen” and the closest to perfection one can get.

They do not condone pit fighting amongst packmates, however they do prize their best fighters for the official pit fights amongst the clans. To die in the pits is gain for the Valhoun - or that's at least how the high and central tiers feel.

Valhoun rankings are simple and strict. One cannot earn royalty, one must be born into it. Dogs who convert to the Valhoun way of life can only achieve low or middle tiered ranks, if not only accepted as attendants or pit fighters.

Drappa and Draggo {1/2} - 
The high king and queen. Only born only into the rank, and can only be succeeded by blood. The final word, and most revered. As far as they are concerned, they are gods - holy in every way.
High Priests and Priestesses {0/4}
 Second to the Drappa and Draggo, and serving as the middle-men for the Valhoun members to the Drappa and Draggo. They make appeals on the clan's behalf, and do their best to make preparations for the Day of Last Sun.
Royal Guards {0/4} 
Guardians of the Highest tiers, ready and willing to lay their life down and defend their gods.

The main providers and hunters of the Valhoun. They scavenge the land and bring back both food and provisions for the clan. They are charged with the task of preparing for the days of last sun, and are also responsible for guarding their stashes.

A combination of priests and medics, Divines work with the Drappa and Draggo - making sacrifices and pacts with the Sun in attempts to find new remedies for the clan itself. They often make long treks out into the valley for spiritual journeys and trips to collect supplies.

 The boldest and most fearless of the clan, Sunguards are the soldiers and first defense. They are loyal to their Draggo and Drappa, and their clan first and foremost. They keep watch at night, and the most elite are tasked with special missions from the Drappa and Draggo. 

Masters of the Valhoun's pit fighters in every sense. They are tasked with filtering through prisoners and attendants alike in order to choose those most suited for the pits. This role also includes conditioning and training pit fighters into peak condition. Doyen are allowed to travel to trade or sell fighters to other clans, as well as amongst their packmates. They are encouraged to be benevolent masters, however their methods are sometimes questionable. All unowned pit fighters belong to the Doyen until they are sold, traded, or gifted. They are allowed to enter their unowned fighters into pits as a way to show them off and sell them. It is not uncommon to sell fighters to the Sunguards as living punching bags.
Doyen are also tasked with selectively breeding new fighters, and making sure the offspring are cared for until they are old enough to be sold or fight. Pups that cannot be fighters are sold as attendants.

Servants to their owners, most often prisoners who were faithful and well-behaved. They can be used for menial tasks such as delivering messages or gathering resources, but some are used as concubines and a means to entertain guests. Their fate lies in the paws of their masters. Unowned attendants reside within the Valhoun, but have no privileges.

Pit fighters 
Attendants with no desire to serve in any way but fighting. Though fights among Valhoun are rare, pit fighters are used for the public pits between the clans to win resources among other things. They are highly prized, and often selectively bred amongst each other in attempts to create the best of the best. Until owned, pit fighters belong to the Doyen and are at their mercy. Champions receive the right to reproduce, and some even own attendants.

Those who refuse to recant to Daenidism who have been captured by Outriders.

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