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The valley itself is inside a crater-like bowl. It's surrounded by high, unclimbable peaks. There was only one way in and out of the valley, however the Caligo destroyed it via an avalanche during the first days of last sun.
Inside the crater there are vast forests, fields, and many abandoned human camps and cities.

The Valhoun have laid claim to a forest they affectionately call the Sun's Land. A large, horse-shoe shaped cluster of trees surrounding a massive waterfall. The falls happen to be the only known running source of water in the entire valley. The Sun's Land runs along the north-west of the crater, and is the largest of the territories. Along the outside of the forests are open fields that house lots of small game for hunting.

The Ghyra claimed the ruins of what once was a human strong hold on the south east corner of the Sun's Lands. Bricks of mortar and clay line huge, intimidating walls. Though some of them have crumbled in decay, Ghyra have fortified it into a nearly unbreachable fortress. Most of the landscape within Ghyra territory is dirt with sparse foliage and grass. One massive tree grows at the center of the fortress where the leaders make their camp. Other members dig shallow foxholes or use supplies left over from the humans to make their beds. Very small game such as rats, snakes, and lizards can be found within the Ghyra camp - in order to take any real hunts, they must travel to the Sun's Lands or into unclaimed territory.

Caligo take up camp in the south-westernmost corner of the valley. Their camp itself resides within an old, unstable cathedral. The building itself is confined within a massive cast-iron fence, with an ornate archway hanging over the path inside. Within the fence are the remnants of an old graveyard, though the majority of its inhabitants have long since been dug up and the headstones broken. Within the cathedral lie at least a hundred rooms with a massive auditorium at the center. Ripped up pues and scratched up altars riddle the interior. Broken glass is a hazard within the cathedral's doors. On the outside of the fence are tall, unkempt fields. A mixture of large and small game can be found there.

Vastus are known to roam all through the valley, but can be executed or imprisoned if found within other clans' territory.
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