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About the Vastus

Post by Kaiser on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:43 pm

The second of the Lunisk clans, Vastus are considered the crazed and unruly child of the Caligo. The Vastus are the opposite of the Valhoun and are hunted by every other clan. They are borderline insane in every sense of the word. This clan has no sense of government or hierarchy and only group together for survival. They often quarrel among themselves when a person or persons attempt to take power of the “clan”. They are few and far between because of this. They are often skilled in scavaging, but not so much in brute strength and survival - mostly due to the fact they spend more time bickering and picking fights than they do hunting or gathering resources. Vastus have no allies, but do worship the moon. They are moreover nomadic and sporadic in their endeavors and travels.

Vastus paints color is bright purple/indigo. These paints are unorganized and messy and are often simply smudged across their faces or shoulders for the sake of differentiation from other groups. Though they do attempt to impersonate groups such as the Ghyra and the Valhoun, but it is easy to pick out a Vastus from the others.

Vastus Hierarchy:

They have only one ruler who they merely refer to as the “Authority”. The Authority is a self-crowned ruler of the Vastus and is often overthrown and replaced quite often.

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