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About the Caligo

Post by Kaiser on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:30 pm

The first of the clans to break away, the Caligo are a mixture of madness and genius. They were the first to truly harness the supernatural changes and use them to their advantage. They are sly and sinister, debatably evil, and chaotic. Caligo take no sides, but can be swayed with promises of resources or whatever happens to catch their fancy at the time - but their foremost loyalty belongs to their clan. They worship the moon, and believe that the flooding is a purification and a cleanse for their world - thus casualties are merely swift retribution and judgment. They are able-bodied and capable of defending themselves. When the floods do come, Caligo are most often the cause of “unknown causes” of deaths of pups and stragglers. They are the first of the Lunisk clans.

Caligo paints are unique - when they are dealing with other clans or hunting, their tradition is to dip their heads and necks in ash; creating a dark hood. They often mock the Valhoun with white crosses or moons across their foreheads. They have no official allies.


Monarchs: 1/2
Consisting of only two of the strongest and most tried members of the Caligo, Monarchs are the leaders. They seek nothing but the survival and advantage of the Caligo and are often deceitful if it means it will give their clan the upper-hand. Loyal to the core with its members, Caligo Monarchs tend to rule with iron fists: traitors are killed on the spot. They offer freedom to wanderers and betrayers of the other clans - as long as they pledge their allegiance to the Monarchs. Monarchs can only be succeeded by their own offspring, or a Warden in the case of sudden death. They may own and fight an unlimited number of Kenotas, and they may own an unlimited number of prisoners.

Wardens: 0/4
The Monarchs’ right hands - oversee and enforce when necessary. Word is not law unless specified by a Monarch. Most often seen with Monarch or walking the outskirts, Wardens are a force to be reckoned with. Wardens can often succeed a Monarch, should one suddenly pass or come up missing. Wardens may own and fight an unlimited number of Kenotas, and may own an unlimited number of prisoners.


Xentra are perhaps the most lethal and cunning of the Caligo. They are sly, manipulative, and deadly. They are sent on an assortment of missions ranging from scouting, deliveries, assassinations, or to gather information from unwilling opponents. Not necessarily soldiers, Xentra work best alone, or in very small groups. Xentra report directly to the Monarchs and are often very close with them. Xentra are not allowed to own or fight Kentoas. They are allowed to own an unlimited amount of prisoners.

The best of the best, Voltan are sinister and merciless in their campaigns. They are fearless and lethal soldiers. They are the front lines in times of war, and escort any Caligo who must travel. They are tried and loyal to the Caligo. Voltans are allowed to spar and use Kentoas to train, but may not own or fight them against one another. They are allowed to own an unlimited amount of prisoners.

Curans are the most skilled in healing and medical remedies in the Caligo. They are highly regarded and respected, and are even allowed to own an unlimited number of prisoners to test their remedies on. Curans often make long treks into the valley to gather and explore, it is advised they travel with Voltrans or Xentra. The most highly skilled travel with and tend directly to the Monarchs and Wardens. They cannot own Kenotas, but may own as many prisoners as they please.


Kenotas are brutish, scrappy dogs that know little to no discipline. They often begin as prisoners who proved useful. They live only to fight, and to kill. Too unpredictable to be Voltrans and too undisciplined to be Xentra, Kentoas are pitted against each other for sport, and can be owned by Auxiliary and Royal tiers. Highly ranked Kentoas are respected and praised - given their own feasts, prisoners, and concubines as prizes. Caligo pit fights are often over resources, or merely for game. Monarchs are known to keep many Kenotas.

Prisoners: 0/-
Though freedom is offered to those captured, failure to pledge allegiance to the Monarchs and their cause will result in imprisonment. Prisoners are handed out freely on a first-come-first-serve basis, and can be used for anything and everything. 


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