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About the Ghyra

Post by Kaiser on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:17 pm

The last clan to break away, the Ghyra are war-torn conquerors. The Ghyra are hot-headed and dominant. They broke away from the elder clan only so that they could conquer and have their own terms. There is little that can match the Ghyra’s war hounds, and this is why they have control of so much of The Valley. Disgusted with the Caligo, the Ghyra are self-sufficient and pestilent warriors whose purpose is guarding both themselves and the Valhoun. Though they do not seek out trouble and bloodshed, they are not hesitant of it. Ghyra’s purpose is domination of The Valley and the High Ground when the floods come - there are also rumors that they intend to push the Caligo and Vastus to extinction. They are allied with the Valhoun.

Ghyra paints are often bright reds and yellows; tribal like in manner and often crafted to seem intimidating. They are often seen sporting symbols like paw prints from bears and other massive creatures.


Chief/Chieftess: 1/2
The war-torn and ruthless alphas of the Ghyra clan. They often consist of the strongest of the Ghyra who have either inherited the seat or have overthrown the previous leader in a battle to the death. The main focuses of the Chief/Chieftess are to keep order amongst the hot-headed lot they preside over, a task that can prove to be a great feat when tempers rise in the heat of the day, and to keep the pact with the Valhoun. Their word is law and is not to be questioned lest you seek a torturous death.
The alphas can be a paired couple, hold the seat alone, or have mates in other tiers. They hold the sole right to allow or annihilate any pairing in the clan and may dispose of any ‘unworthy’ offspring from any lower ranks.

Factotum: 0/4
These are the Chief/Chieftess’ lackeys and eyes and ears of the high tier. The dirty work that the alphas do not wish to conduct falls to the hands of the Factotum. The four report directly to the Chief/Chieftess on all matters occurring inside and outside of the clan and serve as personal bodyguards if needed. More often than not, the Factotum are in charge of monitoring hunting parties and guarding parties that patrol The Valley and keep the lands marked as Ghyra ran territory. Should an issue arise, they have the power to punish to an extent with expressed permission from one or both alphas.
The Factotum may not be paired with members of the same title, but can pair with any lower ranked. It is uncommon that they are paired with a Chief/Cheiftess. The Factotum can be chosen as a successor by the alpha(s) if no direct heirs are available.


Butcherer: 0/6
The title of Butcherer falls to the clan members in charge of heading special assassination duties and sending out chosen hunting parties. These are the better skilled of the Cutthroats who have proved their worth and ability of stealth and clean kills. The fitting name comes from the fact that they are the bloodiest of the Ghyra, maiming and getting their hands bloody where need be. Precision in killing aids in the appointment of the title.
They report directly to the Chief/Chieftess on matters of completed assassinations.
The Butcherers may be paired with members of the same title, rank tier, or higher tier. They may not make decisions without first presenting the case to the Chief/Chieftess directly.

Mercenary: 0/6
Mercenaries are the higher skilled soldiers of the Ghyra clan. Their duties include leading the Conscripted in times of war, guarding both their own clan and the Valhoun, and patrolling the Ghyra claimed land of The Valley. They are the first on the front-lines of war, directing the Conscripted with tried and true tactics. They are seldom found lingering around camp since the markers of the territory lines always need refreshed and the borders patrolled. These members prefer to be left to their own devices in silence, not minding the absence of pack mates while completing the daily duties. They report to the Factotum on all matters of patrol and news of opposing clans’ movements.
The Mercenaries may be paired with members of the same title, rank tier, or higher tier. They may not make any decisions pertaining to commencing war, but may take up the duty of defending from an active attack without expressed permission.

Isangoma: 0/4
The highest skilled healers of the Ghyra, dabbling in the practice of alternative medicines created from the scarce remnants of human healing protocols. The Isangoma teach and lead the Curers in the ways of alternative medicine. While they are still war-torn members of the Ghyra clan, able to fight alongside the Mercenaries when needed, the Isangoma would much rather use traitors and prisoners to test new methods of healing on. Anything from the use of maggots in wounds to spreading the pulp from a new found plant into a gash falls into their teachings and documentations. When it comes to keeping the Ghyra in working health, they take their duties incredibly seriously. One Isangoma will be appointed to be the personal caretaker of the Chief/Chieftess only after proving their knowledge and ability to clean and heal in the scarcest of conditions.
The Isangoma cannot be paired with another of the same title, but are able to pair with any other tiered rank as well as a higher tier. They are free to test new methods on any prisoner or traitor held in the camp.


Cutthroats: 0/Unlimited
This title is the beginning rank for the Butcherer title. The Cutthroats are the novice and semi-experienced assassins of the Ghyra. They report to the Butcherers and all higher tier ranked. The duties are as assigned, but daily duties include training and improving clean kill methods as well as stealth. The hunting parties are often made up of mainly Cutthroats, as it aids in increased killing and stealth practice.
Cutthroats are not allowed to be a reproducing pair. The right to reproduce comes only to the higher and middle tier ranks.

Conscripted: 0/Unlimited
This title is the beginning rank for the Mercenary title. The Conscripted are the soldiers of the pack; mere pawns in the game of war. Majority of the Conscripted are brutish and at least semi-skilled in battle if not much more. Their entire existence revolves around protecting the clan and the Valhoun. The Conscripted report to the Mercenaries and all higher tier ranked. An ideal Conscripted exhibits profound loyalty and follows orders without hesitation. The duties of the Conscripted include forming patrol parties and keeping traitors/prisoners under surveillance. When times of war arise, the Conscripted are the first line of defense under the Mercenaries’ direction.
Conscripted are not allowed to be a reproducing pair. The right to reproduce comes only to the higher and middle tier ranks.

Curers: 0/Unlimited
This title is the beginning rank for the Isangoma title. The Curers spend most of their time learning the basics of fighting and defense while also studying the documentations and verbal lessons of the Isangoma’s healing protocols. Identifying hard to find plants and ways to clean wounds with limited resources are the main duties of the Curers. They report directly to the Isangoma unless otherwise instructed. The Curers are able to hold their own in battle, but are built more for less brawny duties. Often the Curers are the members who seek knowledge over brute force, always looking for ways to improve and create healing methods.
Curers are not allowed to be a reproducing pair. The right to reproduce comes only to the higher and middle tier ranks.


Prisoners: -/-
The unlucky few who have fallen victim of an entrapment mission or are POW from opposing clans. These beings are usually either given a trial by the Chief/Chieftess by way of scorpion judges or are subjected to becoming test subjects on past failed healing methods of the Isangoma so that the high ranked healers can single out the one defective ingredient in medicinal concoctions.
Prisoners rarely make it out alive. If by some chance they do, it is because they are used as leverage for a gain for the Ghyra. No prisoner gets returned to his/her home clan without first losing a piece of themselves.

Traitors: -/-
The fools who find themselves betraying the Ghyra have no hope left to survive. The loyalty of the pack to each other and their Chief/Chieftess runs deep in their bones despite the gruesome and ruthless ways of the clan. If the members don’t get to you first, the alphas will. Many are tortured before death, a spectacle that is made public and paraded. None survive to see another day once found out. If you are brave enough to betray us, may your deities have mercy on you, for the Ghyra won’t.

Pups: 0/Undecided
Self explanatory. These are the whelps and semi-youth of the Ghyra clan. Adolescents of the clan are required to have a rank in mind by the time they are a year old. Training begins immediately after the decided age (1 year).
Exceptions to this law are the offspring of the alpha(s). It will be determined if the pups are worthy of inheritance to the leading rank. If they are not, they will be required to train in an appropriate rank like any other year old members.

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