The Religions

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The Religions

Post by Kaiser on Tue Jun 07, 2016 5:07 pm

Daenids see themselves as enlightened and peaceful. Their desire is to end the floods and restore peace and prosperity to the valley. They favor the sun as their idol, and spend the majority of their time seeking ways to close the ring around the valley to end the flooding permanently. They see it as a curse, and a bane to their existence. They are intolerant towards Lunisks and unbelievers alike.
The only way to convert to Daenidism is by confessing before the Drappa and Draggo, as well as accepting a sun-shaped scar across one's chest.
Prisoners and slaves who do not recant are executed or used as sacrifices to the sun during the Days of Last Sun.
Valhoun and Ghyra are the most open believers in Daenidism - Valhoun do not accept any other religious choice.

Lunisks are viewed as the extremists and crazies - driven to murder and thievery out of their desires to trigger the floods. They view the Day of Last Sun as a blessing from the Moon herself, and a way to cleanse and renew the Valley. They believe the flood weeds out the weakest and most unworthy - making life after the floods better and of higher quality for those who remain.
Lunisks are tolerant and open to Daenids and unbelievers alike - there is no drive or desire to convert, as they believe the Moon chooses her followers, and if they are not chosen, there is no need to choose for her.
Their chosen symbol is the moon.
Vastus and Caligo are the most open believers in Luniskism. It is not tolerated in Valhoun, and is accepted in minor doses in Ghyra.

To put it simply, unbelievers do not favor either of the two religions and often dabble in both.
Ghyra is often full of unbelievers, though Vastus are often too mentally-gone to fully choose.

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