Terms of DOLS

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Terms of DOLS

Post by Kaiser on Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:42 pm

Terms to be familiar with when posting in TDOLS:

Daenid class -
Daenids consist of the Fal’hum and the Ghyra, these clans are not necessarily religious but do tolerate spirituality and minimal worship of their leaders moreso over objects or ideas. Concerned with preservation of the planet and their way of life - emphasis on their own greatness and achievements. Displayed as a peaceful nature, but is cruel to those who do not follow it. Welcomes ex-Lunisk followers after repentance and an oath to never relapse. Most often exiles or executes anyone found dabbling in anything Lunisk related.

Lunisk class -
Lunisks consist of the Caligo and Vastus clans, they are those who have chosen to worship and “usher in” the Moon’s new world. They see the floods as divine judgement and casualties as retribution for wrongs. They are devoted and highly protective of one another within this cult. Though not necessarily concerned for the environment, they instead place emphasis on strengthening themselves and removing threats to their cause. Lunisk followers’ main goal is to pick off the Daenids until there are none remaining. They welcome in Daenid traitors with open arms and do not require any sort of repentance.

The Valley - The crater-like landscape in which DOLS takes place.

Safe Zone - Located in the city in the center of The Valley. This is the highest point of the entire area and houses the sole place that is safe during the flooding. This area is what the clans strive to gain access to when the Days of Last Sun begin.

??? - A yearly pit fight between all four clans of their best fighters. The winning clan receives a large portion of resources as well as first rights to claim a campsite in the Safe Zone.

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