Rules of Membership and character creation

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Rules of Membership and character creation

Post by Kaiser on Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:39 pm

1. Respect the creators, admins, and mods. They work hard for you, you owe them, at the least, your respect.

2. Art theft and tracing will not be tolerated. Free and purchased linearts and commissioned art are acceptable.

3. Theft within the group will not be tolerated either. If a member is proven to be stealing from another (this includes characters, art, literature, DOLS applications and art, etc), they will be banned and a formal report will be submitted to our files.

4. Harassment of admins and members will result in a ban.

5. Group events are to be kept civil - members sporting any sort of unruly behavior will be banned from the event and arguably the group.

6. Each player is limited to two characters until earned through six months of activity.

7. Character creation is limited to realistic and semi-realistic colors and breeds. Wolf and other feral species are not allowed. Pre-existing, semi-realistic breeds are acceptable if the design is approved (and registered if need be) by the original creator. There is a limit of ten slots per breed - once these are filled, you must choose another. Purebred dogs can only reside in Valhoun, and must be approved by an administrator.

8. Posts must be at least four sentences in length and legible both in structure and grammar.

9. Powerplay, “god-modding”, and controlling another character is not allowed. If there is a question regarding whether or not something is powerplay, contact an admin.

10. If a character is injured, it must retain its injuries for a minimum of three real days.

11. A character cannot be killed without prior permission.

12. Characters may not have cropped ears or tails unless they were bitten or chewed off. There are no humans. Traps are unlikely to still be in working order.

13. Characters' items are limited as well - since humans have not been around in so long, the only items a character may have must be heirlooms from ancestors.

14. We're a more mature group, so swearing is more than common. If potty mouths offend you, we probably aren't the group for you. All sexually themed RP needs to be done in private for the sake of everyone here. We don't want to see your bedroom eyes.

15. If you are having issues with another member, please screen shot it and contact an admin as soon as possible. We want to make the DOLS experience as perfect as possible for you, and we will do our best to be fair and just.


1. Be unique - we don't allow double names in DOLS. If a pre-existing, active, character already has the name, you'll be required to change your character's. 
2. Pre-existing breeds and color combinations are acceptable (besides the clan paints). Pure breeds are few and far between, and can only reside and be born into Valhoun, and must be pre-approved by an administrator. 
3. Be realistic and keep your character's odds in mind. A Chihuahua mix probably will not survive long in the Valley - just as a Caucasian Shepherd mix will do poorly on long treks through the Valley's harsh summers. 
4. No Mary-Sues! Your character is not perfect - give him/her a story, a motive! Be creative!
5. Plots are more than welcome as long as they fit within the DOLS universe and storyline.

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