Laws and character creation

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Laws and character creation

Post by Cleopatra } Lazarus on Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:40 pm

Our laws and morals are as follows. Failure to adhere will result in a ban from the roleplay, and possible death of your character(s)

Character creation -
> Purebreds are not allowed - this is hundreds of years after mankind, no one is going after purebreeds anymore.
> Realistic designs only. No neons or unrealistic colors besides the war paints of each clan. However unrealistic eye colors are allowed.
> Be unique! No names that are already in use in the group.
> Realistic heights and weights.
> No accessories that could not be found within the ruins of what's left of the valley.

Out of Character -
> Respect the admins.
> Do not partake in harassment, or OOC banter in Local chat.
> You are allowed two characters to begin with - activity and good report will increase your chances of adding more.
> Be original with designs and names. We do not allow double names. If the name is already in use, you will need to choose another.
> Stealing art, characters, biographies, etc., will result in a permanent ban.
> Leave your drama out of the group.
> Keep the fighting in roleplay. If there is a feud with another packmate, contact an admin to have it sorted.
> We do not use tags, due to the clan's nomadic and secretive nature. Be aware who your packmates are.
> Posts are expected to be at least four sentences in length. We don't expect novels, but we do expect some kind of effort.
> Semi-realistic character designs. No neons, wings, horns. Items from item packs that could have realistically been found are acceptable.
> God-modding and auto-hitting will result in a kick. Ain't nobody got time for that shit.
> Swearing is allowed in group chat. You're at the mercy of the feralheart moderators in local.
> If the conversation is deemed inappropriate by a Monarch, they will request that it ceases. Failure to adhere will result in a ban.
> Any issues regarding your fellow packmates, to be dealt with appropriately, must be documented with screenshots. Without screenshots, we cannot help you.
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